Daniela Larsen

When I'm not behind the lens photographing savvy females like you, you'll find me embracing the joys of family life, perfecting my Pickleball game, strolling along the beach, or kicking back with a spicy margarita - because, let's face it, life's too short not to enjoy the good stuff!

Fun fact: My photography journey began over a decade ago, right after welcoming my daughter into the world. Those early moments of motherhood ignited my passion for capturing the beauty of family life, ultimately leading to the creation of Sereia Photography.

As I evolved as a creative entrepreneur, I recognized the immense value that professional photography brings to brand owners. This realization, combined with my innate passion for storytelling through imagery, made the transition from family portrait photographer to personal brand photographer feel like the most natural path for me.

I can't wait to meet you and create some magic together!

Daniela Larsen


My Superpower?

Making YOU feel beautiful and empowered
in front of the camera.

My favorite things...

San Diego Product Photographer


San Diego Product Photographer


San Diego Product Photographer


San Diego Product Photographer


Ready to Radiate Confidence on Camera?

Personal Brand Photography tailored for the woman who envisions and fearlessly shapes the life of her dreams.


Our Manifesto

We believe in starting before you’re ready.
We believe you are enough just as you are.
We believe our bodies are worth celebrating at every stage and age.
We believe life is too short to do uninspired work.
We believe everyone has a purpose and gift worth sharing.


"Daniela truly captured the essence of my personality and delivered a stunning headshot that exudes professionalism and warmth. I couldn't be happier with the result; it truly reflects the expertise of the photographer."



"If you're looking for a photographer who is not only professional and skilled but also fun, spontaneous, and detail-oriented, look no further. I cannot recommend her enough. The quality of her work is simply outstanding."


Life in Balance

“After a thorough hunt for the perfect photographer in San Diego to capture some beach shots of me for my business, I discovered Daniela Larsen from Brand Me Savvy. She worked wonders for me, and now I can't stop raving about her to everyone I know!

Eliziane Kruger

Fusion Studio